Everroll Intensity Range

The look of granite, the feel of rubber

With everroll® Intensity Regupol has created a floor with a split personality. Intensity evokes the look of granite, yet underfoot it has the feel of rubber.

Your members will have added spring in their step and will feel reassuring levels of grip which is vital for safety. This makes everroll® Intensity the flooring of choice for a broad range of leisure facilities and aquatic centres.

When you request a sample, you‘ll no doubt admire the colour. But take the time to run your fingers across it and feel the resilience.

Often used in

  • Cardio and Circuit Rooms
  • Leisure and Aquatic Centres
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Child Care Centres

Refer to the everroll® Product Selector for more applications

Product Data

Roll Length40lm
Roll Width1.25m
Tiles600mm x 600mm
Planks1200mm x 300mm
Hexagons600mm x 520mm

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