Everroll Tone Range

We‘ve taken our popular everroll® Core and gone even further, as two complimentary colours in each shade set a sophisticated tone to floors. Such an aesthetic could be just the effect you‘re looking for in adding complexity and character.

Each colour variant comes alive with the colour infusion of quality EPDM rubber particles. When it comes to performance, everroll® Tone exhibits the same resilience and resistance to heavy impact as our everroll® Core product.

To tone up your floors with added resilience and energy, request a sample today to make an informed selection.


Often used in

  • Ski Resorts
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Football Clubs
  • Bike Clubs

Refer to the everroll® Product Selector for more applications

Product Data

Thickness4mm, 8mm, 12m
Roll Length40lm, 25lm, 20lm
Roll Width1.25m
Tiles600mm x 600mm
Planks1200mm x 300mm
Hexagons600mm x 520mm

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Berlin Everroll Tone Range