Everroll Vitality Range

With its added infusion of colour everroll® Vitality stretches the colour palette without stretching your budget.

The vital ingredient is the combination of equal volumes of EPDM with tough eco-preferred rubber. Such colour intensity can be used to create specific zones or distinguish areas within your fitness facility.

This is a product that offers greater comfort underfoot and performs with impressive grip even when wet. 

Ask us for a colour sample and then add some vitality to your venue.


Often used in

  • Locker and Change Rooms
  • Hotels, Spas and Resorts
  • Schools and Universities
  • Games and Party Rooms

Refer to the everroll® Product Selector for more applications

Product Data

Roll Length40lm
Roll Width1.25m
Tiles600mm x 600mm
Planks1200mm x 300mm
Hexagons600mm x 520mm

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