Excelon Terrazz 305mm

Excelon Terrazz is a dazzling new visual style inspired by classic Italian stone. Even its name has an Italian influence strongly reflecting the Italian origins of many of our team at our manufacturing site. Thanks to its unique look and the exacting fine finish of its edges, Terrazz creates an installation that appears seamless, and a floor covering that looks and feels exceptional. Excelon Terrazz is attractively affordable as well as easy and inexpensive to install.


  • Versatile pattern offers flexibility for creating and co-ordinating designs.
  • Exact fine finish of tile edges creates an installation which appears seamless.
  • Excellent durability, flexibility and maintainability.
  • Available in two gauges to meet different performance and budget needs.

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7T53700 Bianco
7T53701 Nebia Grey
7T537023 Marble