Natural Creations Arborart

Armstrong Natural Creations sets a new standard in Luxury Vinyl Planks in the Australian market. Combining influences from some of nature‘s most beautiful materials into resilient vinyl planks. Offering different widths and creative patterns, Natural Creations creates flexible, cost effective and flawless design solutions for your environments.


  • Bold and powerful designs, fused with premium length planks, Natural Creations gives you the freedom and advantage to create timeless interiors.
  • Whether looking to create the impression of a larger room, drawing focus to a feature or simply wanting the most advanced flooring solution, the Natural Creations range has been carefully selected to offer you the perfect solution.

Please call or send an enquiry here if you are interested in this range.


You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
3L000026 Weathered Oak Light Wide
3L093601 Snow Gum
3L093606 Ghost Gum
3L093607 Iron Bark
3L110125 Factory Floor Flax Seed wide
3L110225 Barnyard Grey wide
3L110325 Barnside Embers
3L110425 Factory Floor Toasted Sesame wide
3L120825 Barnyard Grey
3L120925 Black Forest Tranquility
3L121025 Weathered Oak Light
3L121125 Peruvian Walnut Mayan Gold
3L121225 Roan Oak Driftwood Grey
3L121325 Amendoim Natural
3L121425 Amendoim Chestnut
3L131525 Rite Wood Mission
3L160402 Southern Oak
3L161111 Paper Bark
3L164513 Western Oak
3L168911 Northern Oak
3L170513 Oak Blonde
3L220525 Oak American
3L450806 River Gum