Creation 70

Wide range of 90 designs, wood and mineral with 7 gerflor’s exclusivities
Wide choice sizes : 6 different sizes in wood, 3 different sizes in mineral
Various embosses designed to bring more realism and more resistance of our designs
Range adapted to intense traffic applications : 0,7 wear layer
100% recyclable, REACH compliant

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You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
Mineral Atok
Mineral Dark Slate
Mineral Dock Grey
Mineral Dock Taupe
Mineral East Village
Mineral Flagstaf Creation 70
Mineral Greenwich
Mineral Halifax Creation 70
Mineral Lewis Town
Mineral Somerset Creation 70
Mineral Travertin Stone
Mineral Welsh Slate
Wood Aberdeen
Wood Albion Creation 70
Wood Bautista
Wood Bedgebury Oak
Wood Beverly
Wood Black Creek
Wood Buxton Oak
Wood Cabargo
Wood Calabria
Wood Carassi
Wood Carrington
Wood Classic Oak
Wood Clifton
Wood Colombus
Wood Deep Forest
Wood Denim Wood
Wood Douglas
Wood Duchess
Wood Elm Creation 70
Wood Fairview
Wood Fargo Creation 70
Wood Fidelio
Wood Flamingo Creation 70
Wood Gilmore
Wood Hamilton
Wood Lawson
Wood Limed Oak
Wood Marutea
Wood Masseria
Wood Midwest Creation 70
Wood Moon Island
Wood Muir Oak
Wood Ocean Side
Wood Portobello Creation 70
Wood Red Spirit
Wood Serena Creation 70
Wood Sheridan Creation 70
Wood Silversands Creation 70
Wood Sorb Creation 70
Wood Spencer
Wood Sycamore Creation 70
Wood Tanami
Wood Victoria Oak
Wood Walnut Creation 70
Wood Waterland
Wood Wild Oak