Creation 70

Wide range of 90 designs, wood and mineral with 7 gerflor’s exclusivities
Wide choice sizes : 6 different sizes in wood, 3 different sizes in mineral
Various embosses designed to bring more realism and more resistance of our designs
Range adapted to intense traffic applications : 0,7 wear layer
100% recyclable, REACH compliant

Please call or send an enquiry here if you are interested in this range.


You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
Cervino Oak Beige
Cervino Oak Cold Grey
Cervino Oak Honey Clear
Cervino Oak Nature
Clifton Chestnut
Clifton Grey
Clifton Honey
Deep Forest
Denim Wood
Diesel Burnt
Diesel Nala
Dock Grey
Dock Taupe
East Village
Etna Beige
Etna Beige - MIX
Etna Dark
Gentleman Garance
Gentleman Grey
Gentleman Indigo
Gentleman Peppermint
Gentleman Taupe
Gentleman Tweed
Grace Bay Black
Grace Bay Cream
Limed Oak
Moon Island
Muse Sand
Muse Smoked
Onka Coffee
Onka Honey
Onka Natural
Onka Pearl
Oxyd Iron
Oxyd Pure
Prado Green
Prado Terracotta
Pure Concrete Beige
Pure Concrete Dark
Pure Concrete Light
Pure Concrete Medium
Regimental Picadilly
Secret Garden White
Solid Glam Picadilly
Tatami Raffia
Tatami Savane
Tatami Smoked
Terrazzo Nature
Terrazzo Ocre
Toasted Wood Ash
Toasted Wood Cafe
Toasted Wood Roadster
Travertino Beige
Travertino Grey
Wild Oak