The flooring selected is a noise reducing, decorative, group T, PVC flooring, available in 50 x 50 cm tiles.

It is made up of a transparent 0.7 mm thick surface layer with a decorative film, a calendered inner layer and a PVC / Cork sublayer.

It has a Protecsol® (polyurethane) treated surface for easier maintenance. The total thickness of the tile is 4.6 mm.

SAGA2 tiles can be completely recycled.

Please call or send an enquiry here if you are interested in this range.


You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

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Amarante Dark
Barma Beige
Barma Mystery
Barma Sweet
Dock Grey
Dock Taupe
Fiber Copper
Fiber Heavy Metal
Fiber Silver
Gentleman Beige
Gentleman Blue
Gentleman Grey
Gentleman Taupe
Kadina City
Mozaic Blue
Mozaic Grey
Rough Textile Beige
Rough Textile Grey
Spider Beige
Spider Blue
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