Van Gogh

Van Gogh captures the character of real timber in a wide range of designs from distressed and reclaimed to limed wood effects to suit your style.

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Clear selection
Brushed Oak
Burnished Cypress
Frosted Birch
Van Gogh Reclaimed Maple
VGW1 7 Bracken
VGW100T Aged Redwood
VGW101T Salvaged Redwood
VGW102T Charred Oak
VGW33 Copper Gum
VGW39 Antique Karri
VGW40 Melbourne Larch
VGW41 Merbau
VGW42 Jatoba
VGW44 Lancewood
VGW49 Rimu
VGW53 Wellington Oak
VGW70 Smoked Oak
VGW81 Country Oak
VGW89 Ebony
VGW91T Tawny Oak
VGW92T Burgundy Oak
VGW94T HoneyOak
VGW95T Lime Washed Cypress
VGW96T Burnished Cypress
VGW97T Burnished Beech
VGW98T Smoked Beech
VGW99T Reclaimed Redwood
White Washed Oak