ID Inspiration 55

With iD Inspiration, explore limitless design possibilities in a truly modular range to create spaces that build brand image, evoke emotion and positively shape the customer experience. iD Inspiration offers over 75,000 potential combinations to play with perceptions of space, light and effects through your choice of different format layouts, design, surface structure and bevelling.

iD Inspiration has been created by our designers in Europe, drawing on the latest consumer experience trends as explored in the Tarkett’s Observer design study. With production expertise in Germany, we can ensure flexible manufacturing, a top quality product and a highly reactive customer service. However you choose to customise iD Inspiration, Tarkett can deliver where, when and how you want your flooring.

iD Inspiration is made to exacting environmental standards – to minimise impact on the environment, contribute to people’s well-being and be reused at end-of-life. With VOC emissions below quantifiable level, it contributes to an optimal indoor air quality. It’s a flooring made from 50% natural, contains 48% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. A unique surface treatment means it needs fewer resources for cleaning for a better environmental footprint and excellent lifecycle cost.

  • Over 75,000 combinations through customisation programme
  • Endless combinations of colours, patterns, surface effects and bevelling options
  • More personnalisation possibilities with Floorcraft design service and matching accessories
  • Ideal for stores, hotels and leisure environments where smart design matters
  • 0.55mm pure PVC transparent wear layer: exceptionally hardwearing and indentation resistant (also available with 0.70mm wear layer)
  • TopClean XP PUR surface treatment for easy, low-cost maintenance and high return on investment

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Antik Oak Beige ID Inspiration 55
Antik Oak Natural ID Inspiration 55
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Concrete Wood Brown ID Inspiration 55
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Old Oak Brown ID Inspiration 55
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Patine Beige ID Inspiration 55
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Rust Metal Black ID Inspiration 55
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Vintage Teak Natural ID Inspiration 55
Vintage Zinc Black ID Inspiration 55
Vintage Zinc Rust ID Inspiration 55
Vintage Zinc Silver ID Inspiration 55
White Oak Grey ID Inspiration 55
White Oak Light ID Inspiration 55