Tapiflex Excellence 65

Inspired by the latest design trends, the Excellence collection brings you the widest combination of over 117 colours and wood designs for endless creativity. It is the all-inclusive solution for the comfort and resistance of any heavy traffic areas in education, aged care and offices. Tapiflex Excellence 65: acoustic version for higher comfort and shock absorption.

  • 87 all-over colours and 30 wood decors fully adapted to age and setting
  • Unique long-plank woods with new matt finish for authentic aspect (R10)
  • New phthlate-free technology and total VOC emissions below 10µg/m3
  • Fully coordinated wall, stairs and accessibility accessories
  • Good balance between indentation 0.06mm and sound reduction 29dB (best measured values)
  • Excellent resistance with TopClean XP surface treatment
  • All decors also available in compact version (Acczent Excellence 80)
  • 10 references available in tiles version: Tapiflex Tiles 65


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Allover Wood Black 25018013
Beech 3588002
Beech 3588003
Beech Light 25019002
Brushed Oak Medium 25019026
Cabreuva 3588011
Cabreuva Brown 25019003
Esquisse 3586012
Esquisse 3586013
Esquisse 3586014
Esquisse 3586015
Esquisse 3586017
Esquisse Light Grey 25012013
Esquisse Medium Grey 25012014
Farmhouse Warm Grey 25018000
Kraft Cardinal Red 25014012
Kraft Red 25014004
Krat Light Blue 25014020
Long Modern Oak Black 25018006
Long Modern Oak Natural Brown 25018009
Long Modern Oak White 25018005.
Oak 3588001
Oak 3588007
Oak 3588018
Oak 3588026
Oak 3588027.
Oak Light 25019001.
Rosewood 3588012
Uni Cardinal Red 25016015
Uni Dark Blue 25016029
Uni Dark Red 25016010
Vintage Pine Light 25018003
Wenge 3588024