Allura Wood

The Allura Wood collection contains a large variety of authentic looking wooden planks, ranging from subtle tonal colours to expressive and modern woods all with a matt finish and natural looking wood grain embossing, combined for maximum realism.

The Allura wood planks are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the range. Sizes include 100×15 cm, 120×20 cm & 150×28 cm.

Thickness 2.5 mm / 2.2 mm
Wearlayer thickness 0.7 mm / 0.55 mm
Length Width 100 cm x 15 cm

Please call or send an enquiry here if you are interested in this range.


You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
w60064 whitewash elegant oak
w60065 honey elegant oak
w60071 French oak
w60074 black rustic oak
w60075 forest green oak
w60078 light rustic oak
w60084 bleached rustic pine
w60085 weathered rustic pine
w60150 brown raw timber
w60152 grey raw timber
w60185 anthracite weathered oak
w60187 natural weathered oak
w60282 dark giant oak
w60293 steamed oak
w60295 pure oak
w60300 central oak
w60302 deep country oak
w60305 light honey oak
w60308 vintage oakx`
w60353-w60354 classic autumn oak
w60373 golden collage oak
w60374 natural collage oak
w60376 chocolate collage oak
w60387 w60388 w60389 charcoal solid oak