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Concrete Care

Floorwise understands the importance of preparation when it comes to the construction industry.

“Poor preparation provides poor performance”

It’s unacceptable to have a poor substrate when installing flooring product, such as carpet, vinyl, stone, tile, epoxy, timber etc.

For this reason alone Floorwise will not accept anything less than industry standard when applying various floor finishes.

To combat poor preparation of substrates in the industry Floorwise over the years has trained all there staff to not only know when a substrate in unacceptable but also how to rectify or prepare a substrate ready for its intended use.

Enabling our in house team of trained staff to prepare the substrate the correct way has not only allowed the floor layers the best chance of getting the result there after but also guarantees there will be no come backs later on down the line.

Our suppliers know the level of expertise and our attention to detail in the industry which iswhy Floorwise has long standing warrantees with its suppliers.

Our specialized team offer a large range of concrete services in the construction industry covering all aspects and application.

Concrete Care

– Surface preparation

– Repair

– Cut & Core drilling

– Demolition

– Polishing

– Sealing

– Moisture testing