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All stone, be it natural or manufactured, adds a touch of timeless class to any building or renovation project.

At Floorwise, any job involving the use of any kind of stone, indoors or outdoors is achievable!
We specialise in designing, constructing and installing all types of stonework including entire commercial spaces, extensions, entrances or retaining walls, fireplaces, archways, stone wall cladding, stone pavers and much more.

We use selected granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, sandstone as well as man-made stone in a variety of indoor and outdoor projects for our clients all across Western Australia. Whether it's entrances, stepping stones, outdoor columns, fireplaces or interior walls, there is a stone work choice for each and every kind of look you hope to achieve.

We possess the unique stone building requirements to deliver showpiece quality solutions; from flawlessly finished marble tiled bathrooms to solid granite kitchen benchtops. Whether you are renovating an existing structure or constructing a new solid surface from scratch, stone provides a wide variety of colours, patterns, grains and designs. The durability and beauty of stone assures you, that your structure will have its own visual appeal and unique identity.

Building with stone is what we do and we can cater to all your stone wall cladding, paving and installation needs to the highest standards. Our aim is always to produce the best designed and most long lasting result for the installed stone surface.

With decades of experience in tiling, flooring and stone work installation, Floorwise has been responsible for providing some of their renowned clients in Perth with functional and bespoke solutions that have resulted in aesthetically pleasing and comfortable spaces.

Whether the project involves choosing that perfect travertine paver for a timeless look that adds elegance or meeting the budget demands for your next stunning sandstone commercial project delivered to deadline, we will be there to assist you through the entire process from the beginning until completion.

Come and experience for yourself why Floorwise has developed an enviable reputation for delivering quality and value to high-end residential and commercial projects by incorporating efficient and smart renovation techniques alongside exquisite craftmanship!

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